John Orban
Geological Engineer

John Orban is an upstream oil & gas professional. His specialty is the business-side of the oil & gas business.

Following graduation from Princeton University (BSE in Geological Engineering), he spent three years in the Naval Civil Engineer Corps in Vietnam (for which he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal), and as Officer In Charge of Construction in Yokohama, Japan.

He has worked as roustabout for Sun Oil in Morgan City, LA; mud-logger for Baroid in Singapore; and explorationist for: Mobil (Dallas), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), a 4-man start-up exploration company in Oklahoma City, and Callon Petroleum (Oklahoma City).

Founded in 1983, J. Orban & Company has been providing strategic assistance to the international petroleum industry for 25 years. The firm specializes in upstream oil and gas opportunities.

Corporate clients include multi-national corporations from the U.S. and the Pacific Rim. Individual clients include U.S. and international private investors.

Mr. Orban is the author of MONEY IN THE GROUND - Insider's Guide to Oil & Gas Deals and other industry-related titles.

You can contact John Orban via E-mail at: