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J. ORBAN & COMPANY builds long-term business relationships
investors and operators in upstream oil & gas projects.


Often this includes providing a "bridge across the Pacific", adding value to both sides of the trans-Pacific oil and gas deal.

We create, structure, and negotiate exploration and production ("E&P") ventures between operators (U.S. oil companies) and investors as non-operating partners (often Pacific Rim multinational corporations). Building long-term business alliances between investors and operators is the key to our success.

Since inception, we have remained focused, choosing to work for a limited number of leading investors and petroleum corporations on both sides of the Pacific.

We focus on acquisition of exploration projects and producing properties. Occasionally, we have assisted in raising equity-financing for projects having exceptional merit.

Relying on more than 25 years of personal relationships in the global petroleum industry, we provide informed insight .... and strategic assistance appropriate to each client's particular business objectives . . . . including perhaps, yours?

U.S. - North America

We provide Geological Engineering consulting services to corporations and individuals (accredited investors) who seek direct participation in upstream oil & gas E&P (exploration and production).

We see a steady flow of upstream deals from some of the best operators in the U.S. We are not about trying to sell you a deal, but we can assist you as your technical representative.

The typical client has established his or her own objectives for upstream investment over the long term. What does this mean?

In practical terms it implies that you are willing to think in terms of a three-year budget. (A five-year outlook would be better.) When we see an opportunity that meets your objectives and risk-tolerance profile, we bring it to your attention. (And if it is of interest to you, we provide as much or as little technical evaluation as you may need, for you to decide if this is the deal for you.)

By way of example, one long-time client has set a 3-year budget and per-exploration-prospect maximum-participation amount. He will participate in the drilling of 20-30 exploration prospects. We add value to his plan by finding, evaluating, presenting deals that fit his objectives and then acting on his behalf to negotiate his participation in those prospects that we (mutually) deem to be worthy of his investment.

It can be an oil and gas investment jungle out there - filled with all manner of 'investment' products, services, and deal-sellers.

If you are seriously thinking about participating in this business, you need to have seasoned professional assistance on your side of the table.
It is not uncommon that a new client will come to us after previous bad experience with various 'investment schemes' (sometimes ones he found on his own.)

With J. ORBAN & COMPANY you gain access to opportunities that we are constantly screening and evaluating on behalf of our client base. To the extent possible, these opportunities are on an industry-partner basis.

  • real-world deals, in real-time,
  • supported by science,
  • to which appropriate technology has been applied,
  • with respected operators (who have successfully navigated the ups and downs of this business for 20 or 30 years or more).

Take a moment to tell us about yourself and what you are thinking about doing.

We try to respond in 24 hours; but when we're on the road a lot,
sometimes it may take a bit longer.

John Orban
Oklahoma City, OK

Tel: 405-752-9440

J. Orban & Co, LLC takes pride in the excellent business relationships it has developed in the structuring, negotiation, acquisition and divesture of interests in upstream oil and gas properties. The firm's expertise, competence, dedication and unconditional commitment to the client deliver consistent value and long-term satisfaction.