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If you're thinking about oil and gas
take a moment to think about this ...

For the past 20 years we have limited our business to relationships with oil and gas companies ("industry partners") and multi-national corporations (often, non-operators).

Throughout this time, we've heard from a lot of individual investors.
Most come looking for help ... after they have put money in a deal.
Frankly, by then it is usually too late.

Don't let this be you!

There are a lot of ways of doing this business.
Let's talk about your ideas, beforehand.
Otherwise the experience can be very, very expensive.

If you have questions that no one seems to want to answer, get assistance from a seasoned professional.
Do it now.

We can probably save you a lot of unnecessary costs and headaches.

We can definitely save you years of searching for the kind of situation that is right for you.

John Orban
January 2007

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