As one of our valued clients, what can you expect?

Services are provided by contract.

Evaluation and Acquisition Contract:
A contract based on providing technical evaluation and focused on completing an acquisition (or divestment) or participation transaction. The contract is term-limited and includes a fixed retainer and success based remuneration.

Advisory Contract:
A consulting contract focused on delivering both tactical and strategic upstream oil and gas advisory and consulting solutions. The contract is on-going involving an annual retainer that is variable, based on timing, resources, and the complexity of the solutions provided.

As a valued client, you will have access to a source of regular and current information on well-vetted opportunities for producing property acquisition and for exploration and development drilling. We have developed a proprietary network of strategic relationships with key upstream oil and gas professionals (around the world), operating companies (mainly in the U.S.) and investors (corporate and individual).

Our specialized upstream oil and gas services are delivered under a contractual relationship; the contract being the authorization for us to carry out specific (or general) actions on your behalf. According to your preferences, deliverables are provided to you, by on-going real-time telecon, digital communication, and hard-copy documentation.

If we do not have the precise solution to your specific situation at our finger-tips (it happens everyday!), we do have the resources to get you exactly what you need. We are able to leverage associations and relationships with experts whom we know and trust and have worked with over the years. They are the best in the business: career professionals who know and understand the diversity of regional specificities and characteristics.

What may be appropriate in Louisiana in terms of geology, engineering, and landwork is typically far different from what would be appropriate in Oklahoma. Or in the Arabian Gulf.

We bring you experience and extensive personal and business relationships that span a large number of the world's oil and gas producing basins.

Take a moment to tell us about yourself and what you are thinking about doing.

We try to respond in 24 hours; but when we're on the road a lot,
sometimes it may take a bit longer.

John Orban
Oklahoma City, OK

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J. Orban & Co, LLC takes pride in the excellent business relationships it has developed in the structuring, negotiation, acquisition and divesture of interests in upstream oil and gas properties. The firm's expertise, competence, dedication and unconditional commitment to the client deliver consistent value and long-term satisfaction.